Decorate Bedroom Walls

our bedroom walls are the first thing you see when you open your eyes. When you wake up to images and colors that inspire you, you’ll be starting your day on the right note every morning. But decorating your bedroom walls can be a bit of a challenge when you’re looking for something other than the standard coat of paint. So to get a bedroom that feels both restful and joyful, try these creative ideas for decorating bedroom walls.

Where to Begin When Decorating a Bedroom
While the walls are the largest element in the room, the star of any bedroom is usually the bed. So, before you decide on how to decorate the bedroom walls, you should first choose your bedding. This will give you a style and color scheme to base the rest of your decor decisions on.

Everything in your room should create a sense of calm and bring you joy, which means removing anything that isn’t necessary. Declutter and remove distractions such as screens, work and to-do lists. Clear all surfaces in the room and keep just a few items that are useful or pretty. Once you have a clean slate to work with, you’re ready to decorate the bedroom walls.

How to Create a Headboard Wall
wooden headboard wall in stylish bedroomImage: New Africa /
Make a powerful statement by going overboard with your headboard. Of course, your bed is the focal point of the room, but if you really want it to command attention, try turning the whole wall into a headboard.

There are two ways to go when creating a headboard wall – horizontal or vertical. To make a short room feel taller, use color blocking to fashion a floor-to-ceiling headboard. Then paint a contrasting strip on the wall the same width as the bed, and you’ve got an instant headboard for just a few dollars.

To make a narrow room seem wider, try a headboard that spans the width of the room. This technique works with any decorating style, just choose your material and mount it on the wall. Aim for the height to be about 2’ above the top of the mattress so you can see it over a set of pillows.

Use wall-to-wall strips of barnboard or reclaimed wood to decorate your bedroom walls with a rustic feel. For a more modern look, mount padded vertical channels all the way across the wall. There are easy DIY tutorials online to help you create this fab look yourself.

How to Decorate a Bedroom Wall with Wood Strips
wood strip layout in bedroomImage: PavelShynkarou /
Wood strip wall treatments are hot right now. You’ll find them all over social media when looking for ideas on how to decorate bedroom walls. All you need to make your own decorative wood accent wall is some paint and 1-inch wood strips. Choose a geometric pattern for a modern look or use a traditional grid pattern for a more formal feel.

How to Decorate Bedroom Walls to Add Drama
dark wall dramatic bedroomImage: /
If your idea of a cozy bedroom is dark and moody, how you decorate the bedroom walls is key to creating the right look. No matter what medium you’re working with, the perfect moody space starts with the right color palette. Choose a rich, deep hue and paint the entire room, including baseboards and trim all the same shade. You can add an accent wall with wallpaper or decorative treatment (see wood strips above) but be sure to stick to your dramatic color scheme.

Don’t Forget the Fifth Wall
dark painted bedroom ceilingImage: onzon /
When you’re planning out how to decorate your bedroom walls, don’t forget about the fifth wall! Decorating the ceiling gives you a whole new opportunity to add depth and color to your bedroom. If you long for the feeling of an open sky indoors, try painting your ceiling a very pale blue. You won’t really notice the color, but it will feel like a soaring sky above you.

For a rustic, cozy space, add some thick wood beams on the ceiling. You can get faux wood shells that look like the real thing but weigh and cost much less. Or, if you prefer more of a boho vibe, try a wood plank ceiling. Choose a light-colored wood to get that fresh, in-touch with nature feeling.

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